Monday, October 14, 2013

Curvy is the new black...TPF Inspired Post

Yes do wear your shorts. I love the whole black look with sheer stockings! More so for a performer I think this would be a rad look. Key thing none of those wide legged shorts! Fitting!

So I finally joined the Tusker project Fame bandwagon. To be honest I just love being part of #Chukifm...which is just the hash tag used by Kenyans on twitter to signify our love of collectively criticizing shows. In any case , fashion plays a big role and I must say other than Mishel, whose outfit was on point, I was not impressed, in fact one of the contenders from Uganda , Sitenda, inspired me to do this blog post as I felt the whole look chosen for her to perform at the gala was completely unflattering. To be honest as  a stylist, I asked myself if I would do any better if i was the one styling the contenders. In any case this edition is being seen as one for curvy and well endowed women. I applaud it to be honest, despite being slender I do think fashion is too skewed towards the anorexic look which does not represent a large section of the population.

Below are some FLATTERING looks in line with curvy is the new black :
Sitenda wore leather/faux leather skinny pants with knee high boots which is a major no no for a full figured person as the boots cuts off one's body in chunks...which is SOOOO UNFLATTERING! I do think curvy women can still wear fitting pants but not with those boots, to get a more elongated, streamlined look, its better to pair the pants with boots or heels.

This is a perfect example of  a good look. The monochrome colour of the pants works so well and the heels makes the looks chic while the slightly cropped jacket adds the cool factor while drawing attention from her midsection.

This is what I am talking about cutting your body in chunks! The fishnets don't even help. This is unflattering!

This is such an effortlessly cool look. Good use of faux leather. Again monochrome textile on the bottom to get that streamlined look while still showing her curves in a flattering manner. The top shows that is cool, young and hip. The height of the top is PERFECT!

This would have been such a cool look for Sitenda. The Tights have a print side paneling which are balanced by that cool tailored blazer and ankle boots. The black works so well with the detail.
Another way to wear boots! This time with a dress and I love its length. It should not be tea dress length since we want a sexy look that a performer can wear. The belt at the empire waist level is just right. Again ankle boots in this case are your friend .

Now we are talking street cool! Curvy women should not just be stuck with pencil skirts and peplum dresses! Yes please do wear skinny jeans just make sure they are well fitting like the one picture above. I really love the top, its so smartly done with most of the tummy area well covered yet allowing a side peek a boo that just makes it sexy
This shimmery knit dress has flecks of silver woven into the stretch fabric, contouring curves with gorgeous luster. All-over is an earthy aztec print, covering the 3/4 sleeves and fitted sheath silhouetted, which also features a scoop neck and scoop back. Feature your favorite geometric necklace, bright nail polish, and an armful of bangles
Another cool aztec print look. Converse has been back with a bang for quite some time . Again note the length of the dress, show your legs and the dress is well fitting! None of those loose wrap dresses, you are not a grandmother!
Another cool street look with wedges adding the glam factor. She balances the busy print bottoms with a less busy dark tee with the camouflage shirt.
I think animal print looks hot on curvy women! I really do and this has been done so well!

This is a cool way to do the peplum trend people love so much while also incorporating animal print, do note that its not too flaring! You are not a ballerina wearing a tutu!

Sequins done right!!!!!!
I'm in lust with this look. Denim shirts are so in and with the animal print skirt the look just goes several octaves up!
How cool is the acid wash shirt???????? I actually own a faux leather pencil skirt in this same colour! This look is for someone really confident and just has that personality to pull it off.

I love plum so obviously I had to feature this look but I do think its a rad look! I also own a plum leather pencil skirt. For these kinds of skirts knee length or just an inch below your knee is perfect. A belt to cinch in the waist is also a cool accessory and it can be a different eye catching colour
Distressed denim look but totally glammed up with accessories!

This look debunks all those myths and stupid rules about what curvy women should not wear. the pants are a bright colour and fitted. The trick is to get a very good fit and the sheer chiffon top makes the look elegant.


  1. I totally agree with you on this....I however doubt deacons sell such cool stuff for the curvy girls. Do you know what online stores I can get these pieces at?

  2. I am not sure about online stores. Currently they are few and far between in our market or there is no organized directory for them. I have used a few for my clients but I can't guarantee that they will have all sizes. If you are not too particular actually thrift shops or markets like Toi at Adams Arcade really ahve good stuff which are trendy and in good condition.

    If you still want to try online shops then look through Avid Style, Jumia .

    For shops that I know do cater to almost all sizes
    Bridgit's Shop- Laddia Its at Markets stalls, first floor, opp City Market 0723 134582

    Jorges 0723434232