Monday, October 14, 2013

Chambray Shirt...

I finally got time to blog about Chambray shirts which have really been on trend this year. There are various ways to wear chambray shirts as the are versatile, most denim stuff are, but I chose a few that caught my fancy.

This is one of my favourite takes on this look! Chambray shirts were initially seen as work wear for blue collar workers, that has definitely changed over the years and more so in the return of this trend

Chambray Shirt with coloured pants and a scarf

Circle Skirt with Chambray Shirt

This looked like a unique and fun bridal team!

Khloe is my favourite and I think she looks fab in this look. Chambray shirt, red pants and animal print shoes

So glam yet her chambray shirt looks  stone washed! Love it.

Denim on Denim. I really like this look! That skirt! I want it plus those shoes to go:-)

I really like this look!Statement necklace, chambray shirt half tucked into mini leather skirt with flat shoes
So chic!

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