Thursday, April 4, 2013

Men's Fashion Trends 2013 early days

Unlike 2012 which had some of the most bizarre men's fashion trends, I'm loving this year’s trends with the exception of some of the bags which are frankly too feminine.

 Solid colored suits and shirts are all the buzz. Really, keeping things simple, clean, and boring with just a splash of exciting is what it is all about this year. 50 shades of GREY, grey, grey. Grey suits are in style.
The more pale the better. 

This season, although bright colours are again proving to be a popular choice, fashion designers and high street retailers alike have made pattern much more of a focal point within their collections. And one of the biggest pattern trends proving to be extremely popular for SS13 is the return of stripes. So far Dolce & Gabbana with Tommy Hilfiger have done the best interpretation in my opinion

A lot can be said for classic British menswear, but let’s face it – it’s not for everyone. Some guys don’t want to wear a three-piece suit unless they have to, and a large majority just feel much more comfortable and confident in casual gear.London is providing the greatest inspiration within this field, with many innovative young designers coming through and challenging the status quo. For several seasons the likes of Astrid Andersen and Shaun Samson have made casual wear their calling-card, with streetwear inspiration becoming a huge part of London’s collective fashion voice.   a menswear fashion expert gives his views on the trend as follows:
Nineties grunge and skateboarder style is set to make yet another comeback this spring/summer, but this time there are interesting twists that help bring the look firmly into 2013. Aertex fabrics, oversized silhouettes and creative layering are key components, and this look can take you from autumn/winter right into high summer with the correct wardrobe evolution. 
For the current winter months, the key is to pick your pieces carefully so as not to fall in the trap of looking sloppy or scruffy. Prints are imperative, with camouflage, acid wash and typical streetwear inspired graphics providing a sense of grittiness and authenticity. These can come in the form of chinos, denim, sweats, tees or outerwear, so pick pieces that will integrate well within your current wardrobe and don’t be afraid to clash smart with casual.


  1. 3 Piece suits are also best clothing for men.

  2. Just simply awesome fabric that was!Jeans looking so versatile style and suits really well.
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