Friday, October 18, 2013

Personal Style Interview: Della

Radio queen Della is our interview guest today. She is sassy, witty and certainly vocal so this should be an interesting one :-) I am still a bit miffed that she dissed my hood and moved :-P

Some say fashion is cyclical; others see it as a constant reinvention of taste. But no matter how you look at it, style is always personal

 1. Outfit for a night out:  

I love to keep it simple, but sexy - a short dress, some cute booties, jewellery etc.
The older I get (30 at present) there comfortable I have become with my own body, and the more my curves make sense to me, so I embrace it!  I used to be ok with partying in jeans, but not any more! The sexier I feel, the more I will enjoy my night!

Della with two friends-Rachel and Ruth

Della with Amina

2. For lounging around you throw on. 
I am such a tomboy. Nothing makes me happier than getting up, throwing on some jeans and a cool shirt, slapping on some makeup, giving my monster braids a massive shake, and walking out the door. My work life is so hectic and involves super early starts so I keep my style simple at work. My ‘lounge time’ mimics that: Jeans, leggings, off the shoulder sweaters.
I used to wear black ALL THE TIME but I’ve outgrown the goth phase. I’ve started incorporating a lot more colour - whether through jewellery or scarves. That said, I really really hate red.

3. Which motto do you most relate to?

Wear your heart on your sleeve.

4. What’s your signature makeup look?

I have crazy eyes, ha! They don’t really have much of a hood, so I tend to focus my makeup on making them ‘pop’. I love pastels as a base, and use kohl coupled with my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE mascara - Maybelline’s Colossal Mascara. One coat and I instantly have longer, thicker looking lashes.

5. If you could only wear one piece of jewelry it would be?

I love my bangles, so I would have to say that. Not a fan of chains at all, and I like earrings but my skin has a tendency to react to many cute pieces, so I only wear them in short spans of time.
I do have a belly ring that I never take off. Had my belly pierced about ten years ago, so that’s probably the one piece I would never take of

6. What would you wear for a typical day at work?
I work at a radio station, so it’s casual friday all day long! Unless I have meetings and events of course. In those situations, I have a change of clothes/ heels with me.

7. What is your favorite accessory?

Well, it’ not a favourite accessory, but rather an armful of them. I have a bangle arm. All of my friends have contributed to it, and I will always have something that was given to me from at least four different people. They don’t always match, but they mean something special.

8. Who do you consider your celebrity fashion icon?

Rihanna. She sets the trends, and I love that. That said, I really like Beyonce’s street style. She looks cool, trendy, and doesn’t look like she tries too hard. I’d love her wardrobe.

10. Describe the underwear you are wearing RIGHT NOW

Haha! Red bra set. I have to try and feel sexy under all the casual!

11. What is your age group? Early twenties? Mid twenties? Late twenties? In your thirties? In your forties?

I’m 30!

12 What is your occupation?
Radio Presenter, journalist

13. Are you a parent? And if so does it have an impact in your style
Not a parent, but hope to be one sooner rather than later!

14. Are you married and if so does it affect your style?

15. What you would never be caught dead in?
A skirt suit. I feel a little ill thinking about it actually.

16. What’s one trend or look that really irritates you?
I’m not a fan of trends in general. Individuality is what it’s all about. Take something you like from what’s hot, but don’t just follow the pack. Everyone ends up looking the same and it’s silly.

17. What inspires your style?
My lifestyle, my friends, and my body to name a few!

18. Your best physical feature or one you get most compliments?
I like my body in general. I’m tall and I am curvy - I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I think I’m fairly proportional. I get compliments about my butt (hey -I’m luhya!) and (surprisingly) my eyes.

19. Last outfit your bought?
I was at Toi! First time there actually, and I bought the cutest little black and white shift. I can dress it up with heels, or dress it down with tights/ leggings. Love it!

20. Your personal style in one word

21. Worst look you ever wore?
I’ve worn many. I remember having a real fondness for oversized plaid shirts. Don’t ask.

22. A look that you always find attractive in the opposite sex?
I like men who are put together. I’m a grown woman, and I don’t find men who dress like teenagers attractive. Nice shirts, nice pants, nice shoes. Nothing oversize unless you are running. Nothing skinny. I like clean shaven men, no earrings (this isn’t 2001).

23. What is weird about you?
Perhaps the fact that I have kept the same braids for the past three-four years. At first I just liked them, but now they are my trademark. On the couple of occasions I HAVE switched it up, I have switched right back the next month. When it comes to hair, the bigger the better!

24. What is unique about you?
That’s always a hard question to answer. I’m me. The only one. There is the uniqueness! 

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