Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa 2013

So you all know my passion for fashion weeks,  I'm delighted and I must say a little bit apprehensive to more or less let you guys know about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa 2013 which starts tomorrow. I am very well acquainted with Africa Fashion International so I am not worried as regards to the quality of the fashion week. My apprehension, or If I am very honest, peeve starts with the name. You will never hear a Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Europe so once again a continent of over  50 countries with such a diversity of cultures has been reduced to one monolith. AAAARGGGHHH.  Politics aside this perception that South Africa is the only viable location for major events in the continents is quiet peeving. I mean London is regarded as a major European center but Fashion weeks also take place in other cities in the continent.  Do not even get me started on the race aspect of it all.

 My peeves aside, seeing as I am not organizing any fashion week, we must also support those doing something to showcase designs from the continent. So below is the press release and hopefully we can review the fashion showcased at the event seeing as there are two designer from Kenya showcasing their work though to be honest it would have been very inspiring to see a Kenyan-born designer like Wambui Mukenyi showcasing.

News release


Best of African fashion on show as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa kicks off in Johannesburg

Fashion show to feature 30 designers, 15 countries and 20 runway shows

South Africa (28 October 2013) – African Fashion International (AFI) will beginning this week host the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa (MBFW Africa).

The event will run from 30 October – 2 November 2013 and will feature collections of more than 30 top African designers from 15 countries, who will be showcasing their works in 20 runway shows in the City of Tshwane (Johannesburg), the African Capital of Excellence.

Featured designers represent some of the best of African collections from across the continent and the Diaspora. Highlights include Taibo Bacar (Winner of the 2012 Designer of the Year – AFI Africa Fashion Awards) from Mozambique; Mille Collines from Rwanda; Mina Evans and Duaba Serwa from Ghana; Sheria Ngowi and Mustafa Hassanali from Tanzania; David Tlale, Marianne Fassler and Thula Sindi from South Africa.

Representing Kenya will be leather artisans Rift Valley Leather and jewellery designer Pichulik. While this will be Rift Valley Leather’s maiden showing, Pichulik will be making her second appearance, having first featured in collaboration with South African-based label Lalesso during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held in Cape Town in 2012.
This exceptional line-up is a testament to AFI’s commitment to excellence in presenting the best in creative innovation and commercial success of African designers.

AFI Executive Chairperson, Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe says: “MBFW Africa is the pinnacle of African fashion: the platform is the gateway between African designers and the global fashion community to engage and promote our local industry. African designers have shown themselves to be world-class in their creativity and aesthetic, and MBFW Africa strives to heighten accessibility to new markets through regional and international exposure, creating a global desire for African-designed fashion. ”
During Fashion Week, AFI will also be presenting a retail element: the Africa Fashion Trade Expo (AFTE). The AFTE offers designers the opportunity to engage in business-to-business networking with the media and buyers as well as business-to-consumer sales directly to the public.
South Africa currently hosts a variety of fashion events among them Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa and Africa Fashion Awards, all of which are organized by African Fashion International.
The Kenyan designers are expected to showcase a variety of bags, purses, wallets and necklaces during their show, which will be held on Wednesday 30th October 2013 from 8.00pm Kenyan time.

Tickets are available at prior to the event. For more information go to

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