Monday, December 2, 2013

Cold weather: Men

More cold weather gear

Tweed with warm knits with just a hint of lace to soften it up
I love this! I would actually be very warm in this outfit. Who knows with all the December house parties, this can be a fab look.

The long knit cowl scarves, oversize plaid shirt, woolen cardigan, shorts with boots
I have this exact cowl snoodie in that mustard shade! I love how it works with the polka dots!

I love tweed especially in cold weather. This particular look works well with a petite frame.

Emma Watson looks smoking in this! It is so clean!
Not my personal style but I get the look.
Tweed jacket and Tshirt with graphic print.
Perfect for the office yet still chic

Caroline Herrera Classic!
Love the tweed skirt!

So cute!

I'm in lust with white trench coats.

Tweed dress!
warm knit, leather and tights.

Faux fur
Faux fur jacket, leather pants, beanie bag