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Our next guest blogger on the hair series will be miss fabulosity Cyndi.

I have what they call steel wool hair. Black and hard. Needs extra time and patience. When I look back at all the things my hair has been through rather everything I have taken it through, I come to come to one conclusion- it’s all good genes.

My childhood hair memories consist of weekly lines being plaited by our good Ugandan house help. It was a routine that was painful. Friday afternoons were scheduled strictly for a wash and plait of 15 small lines but one week when she was away I simply told my mum I cannot and do not want long hair and in under 15 minutes it was all short

So I joined a mixed primary school at the onset of my teens and instantly knew hair was a plus and so the hair journey started, again, plaiting painfully. Fast forward to my adult life and when you have some coins you know you can do as you please. There is choice and variety.

I’m a slave of braided hair because Kenyatta market has made it quick- with 3 people tugging every corner of your head- you just need music for 3 hours and then you hear someone tell you’ madam imeisha’ and you know your good to go. I must also credit Darling Kanekalon for the variety of braids- I’m at the point where I can confidently tell you what braids last, what does not, colour availability, retail price, best place to shop, what is best for hot water use, what is best for what season and what will give you a headache. I can also refer you to several braiding experts in Kenyatta Market. I’m that dedicated.

Okay back to my hair routine…. I actually don’t have one. I love my retouched hair on week 3 as that’s when it has bounce and body. Dark & Lovely Regular Chemical always works. I treat when I remember which my sister and friends find ridiculous. I use Olive Oil mostly because it smells nice. My salonist gave up on me a long time ago though she is still very kind and calm with me. I actually consider a retouch when the ladies at ‘Kenyatta market start to make snide comments on my ‘growth’ levels. ‘‘hii inataka chemical madam’’ and I feel some hint of rejection-like they don’t want me to look nice in my 3 packets ZoukBal braids after arriving there at 7.00am. Then I know it’s time to give Wairimu that long overdue call. I have actually just retouched my hair this month after 13 months of braiding glory. She was thrilled to see me but dismayed at the state of my hair. Weak and lack lustre. She said it to my face.

My most exhilarating hair experience was colouring it bright red (with Dark and Lovely)…- 2 years ago. I felt sooo fabulous and on top of things… people staring at my red mane was so exciting. I was finally enjoying open hair BUT I did not give it the care- weekly treatments- it deserved and so after 1 year I got bored. This is especially when I noticed the black hair growing and I now had to colours- black and red. I swiftly went back to braiding monthly then it started to cut as it was so brittle and weak. With each braiding style- it got shorter and weaker but hey Darling Kanekalon had my back, no hair so who would know.

I’m finally back to a black mane after just retouching it- it’s kinda boring and I’m considering colouring it again- with a different brand- (Crème of Nature ) but my salonist- Wairimu has advised (begged) me to give my hair time to recover but red hair is sooo fun! I am trying to treat it weekly- so far 2 treatments in 4 weeks so kudos to me. I can say from the feel currently – it feels lighter and still weak compared to 2 years ago before the red colour business but it still looks good. It’s all about the good genes because I really do not give it the attention it deserves. Which side of the gene pool you may ask….well that’s a story for another day but I certainly am thankful. I already know what I’m braiding in roughly 2 weeks. Hi Darling, it’s me your favourite braids client. Maybe if I took better care of it- this hair just might grow to my lower back, maybe. If all else fails I will do a big chop, go natural and yes, colour it red and live happily ever after.

Tips from what I’ve experienced and seen.

1. Hair likes to be oiled.

2. Hair likes to be washed.

3. Hair likes treatment.

4. Hair likes to be loved.

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