Pricing and Rate Card

  Nyangi Styles offer the following as pricing guidelines, only. Nothing is set in stone and we are always willing to negotiate pricing, if it feels prohibitive to the client. We will work within your budget.  .  It is not wise to hire any professional based upon price alone.  There are many other factors to consider.

Style Makeover: Are you tired of your look and need a complete overhaul of your image? Perhaps your wardrobe is dated and you need to update your style. Or you may not be confident in selecting styles that suit you. This service is for you. It will include a consultation to talk about you and what you want, a closet edit and shopping. It is a comprehensive package that can be done in one or two cycles. Cost from Ksh. 10,000 to Ksh 20,500 depending on what is agreed with client

Wardrobe Organizer: This service entails arranging your clothing, shoes, and accessory in the space you have available yet ensuring you end up with an efficient and organized closet where you easily find what you need to wear, your clothes and accessories are protected and you know at a glance what you have to avoid overbuying.. Cost starting from Ksh. 5,000 for a less involving job to Ksh. 7,500 for a fairly average wardrobe and finally ksh 15,000 for a more involving closet.

Mix and Match Services: This service entails mixing and matching the clothes you currently have in your closet to come up with looks to meet your lifestyle needs. It could be a week’s worth of looks or a month’s depending on your closet and needs. Cost from Ksh. 5,500 for a week up to Ksh. 10,000 for a larger mix and Match.

Personal Shopping: This service is for those clients who already have in mind the outfits they want and just need someone to buy it for them. It’s cheaper on clients to buy more articles of clothing than one as regards service fee. Some clients prefer shopping in cycles depending on their budget and needs. Cost: Minimum charge is Ksh 5,000 for one shopping cycle of clothing but depending on how involving the shopping may be  it may increase to 7,500 or maximum Ksh 15,000

Small Event/Party organization: Adult fun birthday parties, Fashion sale party, Clearance sale event, Housewarming, weekend away with the girls or couples out of town plans or just a random fun event. Fees open to negotiation

Closet Edit/Wardrobe Edit: This is essentially an audit of your wardrobe. This is very crucial more so if you feel in a rut or stuck; you have all these clothes yet never have anything to wear. We begin by discussing your wardrobe goals, lifestyle needs, and your desired personal style. Focusing on one category at a time, we examine each piece of clothing to determine if it works with your needs and goals. Based on this, we decide what you should keep and what can be donated.  After we've gone through your wardrobe, we organize the closet so you know what you have and how to put an outfit together—easily and quickly. Cost: Ksh 8,000

Personal Photo shoot Styling: Photo shoots are becoming quite popular in the country and you, perhaps, need help selecting outfits, accessories and generally your whole look or theme for a photo shoot. This can be an individual photo shoot styling or group. Cost: Individual Ksh 10,000 while for group from Ksh 15,000 depending on the number and time needed.

Professional Photo shoots: This is mainly a service for editorial or commercial photo shoots. This is all dependent on the shoot, amount of work involved, and location.
Fashion styling during photo shoot without makeup services :Flat fee for whole day shoot:(that is  max 8 hrs with lunch break ) Ksh. 10,000-Ksh, 20,000
Fashion styling during photo shoot without makeup services - Ksh.5,500 - Ksh. 7,000 per hour

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