Thursday, March 27, 2014

Circle Skirt Trend

As I write this I'm wearing my green full circle skirt which I absolutely adore! I'm not a fan of green but this skirt caught my eye while shopping and I was not about to let it go. Its a midi which makes me feel oh so feminine something that a few years back would make me feel all icky but I am now fully embracing.

"At the risk of sounding like Sam-I-Am," Eva editor in Chief of Lucky Magazine says, "I want to wear my circle skirts with pointy-toed pumps. I want to wear them with sneakers. I want to wear them with leather jackets. I want to wear them with sweatshirts. I want to wear them with everything."
This look is normally associated with women who love ladylike looks but even those who are not so inclined can and are doing this look in away that still showcases their personal styles.
Today we look at some fun ways to wear this trend and the pics will do most of the talking:

I'm currently obsessed with tulle so this is one of my favourite looks. The crop top isalso in so this is a pretty trendy look.

Tulle with a bustier crop top and fuschia pumps! Love love! Such a Sex in the City Look!
This boho chic look is all kinds of Amazeballs!!!!!!1 That is all!

Kelis killing it in a fuschia maxi circle skirt and a tee! Again my obsession with tulle has no limits.
Love this plus size look! So flattering and sexy
Updated fifties look.

Circle skirt with skinny belt

One of my favourite ways to wear a midi Skirt: Huge statement belt

Elegance is thy name!

So Chic!
Neon full circle midi skirt.

midi skirt in mesh.

Amber Rose in  Plaid circle skirt.