Thursday, May 29, 2014

Maya Angelou

This Phenomenal woman passed away and the world lost a bit of its luster. She was alive, vivid and unflinchingly authentic to who she was.

Below are a few images that can only offer a glimpse of the fire, passion, conviction and beauty that was Maya Angelou

Monday, May 19, 2014

Chunky and Stacked bangles Trend

This is not a new trend but one I love to incorporate in my looks. It was hot in the runway for 2013 spring summer collections for designers like Caroline Herrera , Hermes, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marchesa and Marc Jacobs. This trend allows you to showcase your personality as you can choose to stack bangles made from the same material, colour, size or texture; if you are adventurous like me you can mix it all up. Mr. Price has upped their game when it comes to accessories and I got a few bangles and earrings. The downtown shops and Maasai Market vendors are other good suppliers.

I am obsessed with chunky bangles!!!!!
In lust!

I love this as it allows you to incorporate your watch as part of your accessory!

Chunky! Delish!

Runway 2011

This is equally elegant as it's cool

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lets Converse :)

Long gone are the days when sketchers were only for tomboys or sports fanatics, Converse are back on the street.  They look great with almost anything and oh so comfy. Without socks or with tights, at night or during the day, on the beach or at a club, Converse are a unifying shoe: everyone loves them. Worn on fashionistas like Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss, they show up in magazines from Elle to US Weekly.
·         Elevate denim cutoffs
Plaid shirts are back in fashion and can be worn with denim cut offs with converse shoes for a look on a sunny day. Low tops converse can be paired with sheer black thigh high socks and denim shorts to create a pretty cool evening look. When pairing your converse with denim pieces, opt for skinny jeans to let the sneakers stand-out. Add an extra-cool feel by finishing the look with a trendy cropped sweater in a bold colour, or try a preppy, striped tee.
·         Maxi with Converse
For an effortless relaxed style try pairing your maxi skirt or dress with converse sneakers. Black maxi skirts with high slits really go well with converse sneakers, similarly striped maxi dresses work well with white or black converse shoes while colored converse shoes balance neutrals like grey maxi dresses or skirts.
·         Short skirts
For those night outs that you want to dance till dawn perhaps swapping those sky scraping heels for a pair of converse with your short skirt may be a good idea. During cold seasons you can pair a short skirt, some leggings (bright colours if you are bold) and some converse for a warm yet trendy look. Another great way is throwing on a chunky sweater on top of your mini skirt with converse shoes. I love Varsity jackets more so if worn with a short skirt and converse shoes as it is such a relaxed look.
·         Converse Chic
Who said you can’t look chic with converse? If you are like me and are into leggings be they leather or denim then fear not you can still do converse and achieve an overall chic look with an irreverent touch. You can do black converse, black leggings and black top all tied together with an animal print jacket. Black skinny jeans with snug fit leather jacket, silk scarf and black converse will also give you a chic look.
·         Dresses with converse
Converse are make a perfect relationship with girly summer dresses — take the prettiest of dresses and tone them down  using converse. Don't be afraid to wear your Converse sneakers with your favorite girly items. Try a short dress in a feminine print, and layer on a cardigan or denim jacket for an easy/cool look. If you're really daring, scrunch on a pair of lace-trimmed ankle socks, or patterned leg wear with this ensemble. Balance the boyish sneaker with extra-girly accessories. Wearing charm bracelets, layered necklaces, wide or skinny belts, and fancy earrings are great ways to play with your style.

NOTE: Pics are not mine. I usually link back to sites but did not .....main sources Vogue, chictopia, lookbook, elle and google.