Monday, April 27, 2015

LEATHAFREEK: Kenyan Fashion Suppliers Series

So LeathaFreek debuts this series on Kenyan Fashion Suppliers. Looking at what they have to offer I must say their leather shoes and bags make me want to grab some for myself and my man!!!! They are that good and that funky. They certainly have a voice and bring something necessary to the fashion sphere in Kenya. I must say they are truly professional, when I approached them to do this series their response was prompt , organized and detailed. I really respect that. More than that they have a clear vision of who they are, what they have to offer and what their target market is; key ingredients that will ensure they will take this continent by storm.

So below is LeathaFreek in their own words:
LeathaFreek was founded in 2014, July 21st in Nairobi Kenya as a Partnership Company under Obell J. Humphrey and Daniel M. Makonga. LeatherFreek's Vision is to become an influential representative of a strong African fashion brand on the global fashion market.
LeathaFreek’s source of inspiration is derived from the belief that everyone is their own designer and  each person has  the unique ability to create what will truly satisfy them. Therefore, they feel deeply responsible to bring that out of them.

About the designers

Obell J. Humphrey
Obell strongly believes in the ability of human mind to achieve what it conceives, without any limitations to educational levels. He therefore urges that everyone should be given an opportunity to design and define their own fashion in a unique way that squarely fits their personality so as to realize maximum satisfaction. In person the designer, tends to find fascination in sophistication and originality in simplicity.Therefore, finding it thrilling working with co-designer and director Daniel to achieve their shared vision in building the LeathaFreek brand.

Daniel M. Makonga
Daniel is a picky designer disturbed with the need to find elegance in simplicity and portray that to the world. He also strongly believes that Africa harbors a youth full of innovation and passionate creativity unfortunately shunned by world trends. With Leathafreek and amazing co-designer and director Humphrey, he intends to change Africa's corrupt view of fashion and turn Africa into an influential fashion statement.

Target Market:
We mostly target the middle and high-end clientele, who have a burning desire for originality and who appreciate the African heritage. We accommodate people of all ages since our products are very dynamic.

To contact LeathaFreek, Check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter