Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trend: Slouchy Chic

Its been over four months since I posted in this blog and truth be told done anything fashion related. An opportunity came up and decided to go back to the corporate world. Like little red riding hood the wolf seemed friendly and benign but alas a wolf is a wolf regardless of its attire.

I am back but not the same. I feel lost and with no road leave alone a direction. At this point in my life I thought I would have it 'ALL TOGETHER' but evidently that is not what life has in store for me. I am not sure I am back to fashion but then again fashion has never been a destination but rather something inside of me so perhaps its more of waking up....who knows but expect more of these random emo posts in style blog :)

Moving along swiftly, slouchy chic is a look I totally dig. It's not a new trend but the runways have kinda reawakened it and I am all for a marriage of comfort and style .

This look is everything I love in this trend. The high low top with a peek a boo, the sporty but stylish pants with heels. LOVE LOVE.


The trick is to have a balance of oversize items balanced by fitting items.

Monochromes or colours so close to each other allows you to achieve that Luxe look.
This is sooooo cool and intelligent fashion-wise anyway
Who said slouchy has to be lazy!!!!so glam 

In lust with this whole look. The slouchy beanie hat and the sweater

So Brit! I love it especially the metallic Oxfords