Friday, January 18, 2013


At least one pair of khaki pants has become a staple in almost every man's, woman's and child's wardrobe because they are so versatile. Khaki pants have been around for decades, originally relegated to work clothes and then in the 1960s and '70s, becoming popular for "nerds." Khaki trousers deserve better than the faint ridicule they've received. Naturally, the "I’m a man’s man guy wears them—saggy, baggy, dorky ones. But the new khakis balance comfort with style, says Nathan Laffin, senior vice president of Dockers Global Design. Simplify your wardrobe with a new pair (khakis go with almost anything), but buy smart.

For many of us, khaki pants are not always at eye level in our wardrobes.  They’re a step between dress pants and jeans, a gray area between business and pleasure.  Yet khakis are an important part of the modern man’s wardrobe, an item that can make an edgy outfit look refined and business wear look relaxed.

You can dress up khaki pants with a tie, navy blazer and/or a sweater or go extremely casual with a colored T-shirt and anything in between. What really makes or breaks the fashion statement with khaki pants are the accessories, belts, shoes and socks. Accessories are designed to complement an outfit, not detract from or overpower a garment. Never wear these accessories in black with khaki pants unless the shirt is black, because black is too harsh a color to complement the khaki color. Otherwise, choose a brown or colored belt, no wider than 1 1/2 inches with an understated

A nice, gray pair of khaki pants has a lot of wardrobe versatility.  Their color neutrality fits well with blacks, whites and other grays, but works just as well with the colored clothing staples you keep in your closet
If your workplace is on the traditional side when it comes to attire, it’s hard to own too much khaki.  Fortunately, traditional tan khaki is easy to accessorize in a manner that makes you stand out amongst your colleagues.  Many different solid-color dress shirts will work well with a color-neutral cardigan, and a gray or black fedora and scarf will raise the stakes a bit.

 A friend of mine asked me the other day what shoes could he pair with khaki pants especially at a smart casual work do; a fair question that does baffle some men. Try to avoid wearing sneakers. A casual boot or shoe is preferable. A sneaker speaks of immaturity–something you want to avoid. I’d say for a casual out of office event do feel free to try the new African print covered moccasins that local artistes are selling. Some are too flamboyant for some men but for the adventurous they do seem to add a kind of flair to the whole look. A vendor that comes to mind in Nairobi is Afri Tribal who can be found on face book.  So guys do re-look at your khakis and enjoy them as you do your denims.


  1. Hi Nyangistyle,

    I have noticed recently that you have begun to offer styling advice to gentlemen. I would like to draw your attention to this article:

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    1. The thing with fashion is that there's a difference in what is one the runway and what is on the street. Some designers put on shows to shock and get people talking about them, I assume to remain relevant and so that would be my take on Anderson's show. As much as I love fashion I do have limits. I have always stated that to me, a man has to be a man's man. Something I've clearly stated to my male clients. For those with more flamboyant preferences I do refer as I do know stylists and designers who cater to that market. Two years ago at a concert in Nairobi there was an uproar as these group of boys and men, if they can be called that, decided to show up in tunic dresses, feminine bags and what nots, obviously the country is not yet ready to welcome these trends with open hands and a smile. So in conclusion, my take is androgyny does not go both ways