Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa 2013

So you all know my passion for fashion weeks,  I'm delighted and I must say a little bit apprehensive to more or less let you guys know about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa 2013 which starts tomorrow. I am very well acquainted with Africa Fashion International so I am not worried as regards to the quality of the fashion week. My apprehension, or If I am very honest, peeve starts with the name. You will never hear a Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Europe so once again a continent of over  50 countries with such a diversity of cultures has been reduced to one monolith. AAAARGGGHHH.  Politics aside this perception that South Africa is the only viable location for major events in the continents is quiet peeving. I mean London is regarded as a major European center but Fashion weeks also take place in other cities in the continent.  Do not even get me started on the race aspect of it all.

 My peeves aside, seeing as I am not organizing any fashion week, we must also support those doing something to showcase designs from the continent. So below is the press release and hopefully we can review the fashion showcased at the event seeing as there are two designer from Kenya showcasing their work though to be honest it would have been very inspiring to see a Kenyan-born designer like Wambui Mukenyi showcasing.

News release


Best of African fashion on show as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa kicks off in Johannesburg

Fashion show to feature 30 designers, 15 countries and 20 runway shows

South Africa (28 October 2013) – African Fashion International (AFI) will beginning this week host the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa (MBFW Africa).

The event will run from 30 October – 2 November 2013 and will feature collections of more than 30 top African designers from 15 countries, who will be showcasing their works in 20 runway shows in the City of Tshwane (Johannesburg), the African Capital of Excellence.

Featured designers represent some of the best of African collections from across the continent and the Diaspora. Highlights include Taibo Bacar (Winner of the 2012 Designer of the Year – AFI Africa Fashion Awards) from Mozambique; Mille Collines from Rwanda; Mina Evans and Duaba Serwa from Ghana; Sheria Ngowi and Mustafa Hassanali from Tanzania; David Tlale, Marianne Fassler and Thula Sindi from South Africa.

Representing Kenya will be leather artisans Rift Valley Leather and jewellery designer Pichulik. While this will be Rift Valley Leather’s maiden showing, Pichulik will be making her second appearance, having first featured in collaboration with South African-based label Lalesso during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held in Cape Town in 2012.
This exceptional line-up is a testament to AFI’s commitment to excellence in presenting the best in creative innovation and commercial success of African designers.

AFI Executive Chairperson, Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe says: “MBFW Africa is the pinnacle of African fashion: the platform is the gateway between African designers and the global fashion community to engage and promote our local industry. African designers have shown themselves to be world-class in their creativity and aesthetic, and MBFW Africa strives to heighten accessibility to new markets through regional and international exposure, creating a global desire for African-designed fashion. ”
During Fashion Week, AFI will also be presenting a retail element: the Africa Fashion Trade Expo (AFTE). The AFTE offers designers the opportunity to engage in business-to-business networking with the media and buyers as well as business-to-consumer sales directly to the public.
South Africa currently hosts a variety of fashion events among them Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa and Africa Fashion Awards, all of which are organized by African Fashion International.
The Kenyan designers are expected to showcase a variety of bags, purses, wallets and necklaces during their show, which will be held on Wednesday 30th October 2013 from 8.00pm Kenyan time.

Tickets are available at prior to the event. For more information go to

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fashion Insipiration

It has been quite some time since I did a post on stuff inspiring  me


Preen is a pretty established brand. This collection has a lot of neon colours, cutout prints, asymmetry and some pretty street urban designs that I would definitely wear. I absolutely loved the shoes! The silver metallic top with yellow mini skirt was my absolute favourite though I loved so many pieces in this collection.

THE DESIGNERS: Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi have firmly established Preen as one of London's most distinctive and successful labels. They met when they were both eighteen in the Isle of Man where they grew up and began with a small boutique in London's Portobello in 1996. A sophisticated client base was soon established which today also include Scarlett Johansson, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Kirsten Dunst.


John Rocha is of Chinese and Portuguese ancestry, born in Hong Kong before moving to the UK where he is largely known as an Irish designer. This was all about romance and evoking that ethereal feeling. I am usually wary of floral patterns but in this collection it makes you want to grab the outfits. The gowns are feminine and the detailing like the crotchet adds an interesting factor to them. The last dress which has a  mesh like detail was my favourite.

LONDON FASHION WEEK SS 2014 - Sister by Sibling

Sister by Sibling SS 2014 collection is one of those collections that makes me love London Fashion week. It's not a collection that everyone will love, like or even get but for those who have a sense of humour, a quirky one at least this was one fun collection. The brand has indeed grown from days of collections often described as bizarre to a level of sophistication while still retaining their signature playfulness.

DESIGNER NAMES: Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery

BACKGROUND: The designers come from Yorkshire, Leicester and London respectively. A collaboration between Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery, SIBLING is all for one and one for all. Before setting up SIBLING, the designers each worked for many brands and design houses, learning that it is “never as easy as it looks and most importantly that invaluable lesson in how not to do something. Also if all else fails: cup of tea, a nice biscuit and laugh!”

SIGNATURES: “On the SIBLING family tree SISTER is on the branch right next to brother SIBLING so you can expect colour, humour, sparkle and that everything will be knitted.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “We like mutating classic, traditional knitwear designs or techniques so the Knit Monster Scare Isle comes to mind.”

IDEAL CLIENT: “A girl with a good sense of humour and a fun, happy attitude.”

THE COLLECTION: “Legendary stylist, Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele and her inspirational juxtaposition of couture and sportswear in her shoots, lady sportswear in that American luxury way rather than gym kit, soft colours framed in black and Swarovski crystal elements.”


London for some reason holds a fond place in my heart and I'm actually surprised that its taken me this long to do a fashion week review.

London as a city is such a melting pot of different cultures yet still retaining that British touch.  The designer information is from LFW official website,


BACKGROUND: Zoë studied architecture, however her love for clothing construction prevailed and Zoë Jordan was launched in spring/summer 12.

SIGNATURES: "The coming together of the androgynous and the feminine, handsome and ethereal, structured and languid. Essentially, Zoë Jordan represents feminine swagger and a boyish insouciance."

IDEAL CLIENT: “She's the boys’ best friend and the girls’ confidante.”

TRADEMARK: "Beautifully tailored coats with a Savile Row influence."

THE COLLECTION: “For SS14 I have been inspired by the progression and evolution of 'luxury street wear'. This season I am trying to bring together some of the more popular themes and movements that have been the pulse over the last couple of decades of the fast-paced, urban, multicultural capital, London - that I am proud to call home. Elements from graffiti, 90s street art and urban wear seem to merge beautifully into the brands already core values of sharp cuts and structured pieces with a blend of soft tailoring and loosely fitted tees.”

FAVOURITE COLLECTION TO DATE: “I am not sure I have a favourite but for SS14 I have been re-visiting some of my own experiences and trends from the 90s, which is proving to be a lot of fun and a tad nostalgic!”

WHO EMBODIES THE SPIRIT OF YOUR BRAND? “Anyone who is confident in her approach to fashion and who is not afraid to show her femininity with an off-beat, boyish elegance.”

WALPOLE Awards for Excellence- Best Emerging British Luxury Brand- Finalist 2012

Shortlisted for the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund 2012

Below are looks from this collection that caught my eye:

I hated the shoes in this collection but i really dig this look!

I love white, I love tunic dresses so this was a win for me and the metallic detail just made this dress so cool

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Personal Style Interview: Karol

Karol is a stylist so I'm pretty chuffed that she is doing this interview :-) she also shares the same feeling with me as regards harem pants! A look I can admire in others but cannot be caught dead in!  Other than being a stylist, she is also a marketer and a makeup artist. To see more of her work check out her facebook page  Styled by Owidh'Karol  

Some say fashion is cyclical; others see it as a constant reinvention of taste. But no matter how you look at it, style is always personal.

 1. Outfit for a night out:  
 Whatever I wear always has to have an element of sequin, spikes, or studs. For some reason shiny things just make me happy

2. For lounging around you throw on. You’ll find me in jeans or anything comfortable…


3. Which motto do you most relate to?
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Variety is the spice of life.

Wear your heart on your sleeve.
Fortune favors the bold.

You can never be too rich or too thin.
4. What’s your signature makeup look? A soft lip colour (mostly purple or red) with a neutral eye-shadow colour.

5. If you could only wear one piece of jewelry it would be? My watch or earrings, either one of the two..

6. What would you wear for a typical day at work? when it comes to fashion and beauty jobs, I’m allowed to dress casually, plus I also spend most of my time on my feet, so definitely flat shoes are a must, and any other outfit that’s comfortable. 

On the other hand if I have to dress formal, I’ll usually opt for a plain dress or skirt as my starting point, then I can layer it with cute pieces here and there. 

7. What is your favorite accessory? A wrist watch (you can always dress it up or down)

8. Who do you consider your celebrity fashion icon? I don’t think I have any, but I do appreciate Kelis unique style.. she's a bit weird in her outfit choices. I wouldn’t copy it, but I definitely think it’s cool… 

10. Describe the underwear you are wearing RIGHT NOW. it’s not cute. Am embarrassed NEEEEXT..

11. What is your age group? Early twenties? Mid twenties? Late twenties? In your thirties? In your forties?  Early twenties baby….the “Golden Years” ….NOT

12 What is your occupation? Marketer/Fashion stylist/Makeup artist

13. Are you a parent? And if so does it have an impact in your style NOPE

14. Are you married and if so does it affect your style? NOPE

15. What you would never be caught dead in? those MC Hammer/Aladin/Harem pants… I say NONONONONO(in my destiny’s child voice) 

16. What’s one trend or look that really irritates you? Those mc hammer pants again they just don’t flatter a woman’s figure.. But I have to say they do look good on some males “SOME” being the key word here. For men its those tight skinny jeans, it makes them seem like they are trying too hard.

17. What inspires your style? I guess it depends on my mood .. Sometimes I feel girly or classy or ratchet or bitchy or daring etc.. That will inspire what I wear on that day.

18. Your best physical feature or one you get most compliments? Probably my body shape or my big eyes. 

19. Last outfit your bought? A pair of weird flared pants that look like a pleated  skirt, and a cute black coat from toi market….

20. Your personal style in one word. SimplisticSheek

21. Worst look you ever wore?  These Pencil like tights that I got from some hawker, which ripped right down the middle during rave one night and I had to walk around the rest of the night with my friends scarf tied around my waist…

22. A look that you always find attractive in the opposite sex? A well fitting outfit that’s not to tight or too baggy but just right

23. What is weird about you? Practically everything..

24. What is unique about you? I’ve often been told that the way react to different situations around me is just different from the average person.