Monday, March 23, 2015

Fitted Maxi Skirt Style

Hard to tell looking at me, but at one time in my life dresses and skirts were repulsive to me! My poor mother was at her wits ends as her one and only daughter insisted in dressing like a tomboy. I recall once, my dad drove past me not realizing that the figure in baggy pants, oversize sweatshirt and beanie hat was his daughter. The long maxi skirts are back in fashion and I am giddy with delight as this was the style that transitioned me from the tomboy style to the feminine style.

Nairobi is awash with these long fitted skirts as well as the midi versions. I love the neon and printed versions of these skirts. I finally went against my no clothes shopping for 6 months rule to get two pairs in neon hues. I love how these skirts provide full coverage while still showcasing the curves we so love to flaunt :)

Below are various ways to rock these skirts:
This is like in my wishlist. The ruching on the hips area and the color makes this skirt so cool. I like that the top is not a full crop top just giving a teasing glimpse of the belly.
Ruched side slit maxi skirt with a knotted Tee.
This is perfect for a more dressy or official look for a maxi dress. The animal print shirt works so well with the bright colored skirt. The belt ties the two perfectly


Leather maxi skirt with a high front slit.

Poncho Top, Pencil Skirt and Wrap

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feb 2015 Swap: Review

I held this year's first swap and I must say it was a roaring success in my books. For me the swap is an opportunity for ladies to come update their closets while also editing out what no longer suit them. Secondary to that is  to meet other ladies that they would not meet if it were not for that event hence a networking opportunity in a relaxed environment that does not have that forced familiarity that we all hate. Thirdly is to have a fun afternoon or evening from their usual hectic schedules.

This swap was an open swap meaning I did not set a limit on the number of items the participants had to bring . That actually worked out to ensure we got a variety of items that made the event a success. The group of ladies that came were mostly new to each other but they had such an open mind and positive attitude that one would have thought they were life long friends. More than that each person was patient as some ladies came much later due to unavoidable circumstances yet it still worked out that each lady left with clothes that they felt were a golden find.

Once the business of the clothes and shoes was done the ladies all settled down to socializing and it turned into an inspiring evening for all those who were present.

The pics just tell a part of the story but I am sure the next swap will be even more interesting :-)