Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fit and Flare Dresses

The corporate world is knocking on my doors and while shopping for clothes to wear to the interview I finally ventured into this shop that has these fab clothes that all scream my style. I had been noticing these dresses which I initially grouped as skater dresses which I'm not such a fan but soon discovered they are fit and flare dresses. There are several variations of this design but I personally love the structured ones like the ones favoured by Naomi Campbell in The Face. So below are some that caught my eye:

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Maya Angelou

This Phenomenal woman passed away and the world lost a bit of its luster. She was alive, vivid and unflinchingly authentic to who she was.

Below are a few images that can only offer a glimpse of the fire, passion, conviction and beauty that was Maya Angelou

Monday, May 19, 2014

Chunky and Stacked bangles Trend

This is not a new trend but one I love to incorporate in my looks. It was hot in the runway for 2013 spring summer collections for designers like Caroline Herrera , Hermes, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marchesa and Marc Jacobs. This trend allows you to showcase your personality as you can choose to stack bangles made from the same material, colour, size or texture; if you are adventurous like me you can mix it all up. Mr. Price has upped their game when it comes to accessories and I got a few bangles and earrings. The downtown shops and Maasai Market vendors are other good suppliers.

I am obsessed with chunky bangles!!!!!
In lust!

I love this as it allows you to incorporate your watch as part of your accessory!

Chunky! Delish!

Runway 2011

This is equally elegant as it's cool