Monday, January 16, 2017

Dark Chocolate so delish...Dark Skin Make Up

If I ever do another photo shoot or runway show I'd love to have a line up of only dark skinned models. Each time I look at ads or even my timeline on whatever social media platform there are such few dark skinned women be it local hair products, make up, clothes, shoes or accessories. Perhaps because I'm dark skinned hence my bias but man we need more melanin representation.

I absolutely love this look!

I rarely allow anyone to do my makeup because I feel (perhaps in a paranoid and totally unjustified manner) that most make up artists and wannabes really don't know or bother to know how to handle dark skin. They assume the same shenanigans that work on light skin should work on dark skin.  If you think I'm lying check out a bridesmaid lineup with women of different complexions. I don't allow that mess by the way. I feel like as society we have so internalized the belief that dark is not beautiful that even when we use something unflattering on someone we let it slide because deep within us we already believe that they were not pretty or  not as beautiful  to begin with. One of the reasons I refuse requests to be a bridesmaid other than the sheer unbearable process that it usually turns out to be is the fact that most brides insist on make up from a professional they have chosen with no room for negotiation. #PASS Photos are forever so no thanks. That and those brides that choose hideous unflattering outfits . That said and done I've still managed to be a bridesmaid a number of times despite my antisocial stance. I must say the last two times the make up artists hired were really patient and listened to me. I had informed them that if I looked at the mirror and hated what I saw I would wipe it all off and just do my usual routine of brows, foundation and lip gloss. Luckily for all I loved their work so I can personally testify that there are professional make up artists who know how to do dark skin, few though and that was before the  contouring craze took over

Maybe this is a lazy post or just one that will get me back to doing photo shoots just to balance out things.  Below are  a few looks I really liked:

If you do make up locally in Nairobi and have pics of work you've done on dark skin then contact me. I want to do a follow up post on local make up artists who do dark skinned women justice.
One of my favourite looks!!!!!!

This is such a cool and bad-ass look




Friday, June 3, 2016

Short Tulip skirts

It's a Friday morning and I chose to wear a flirty short skirt in lieu of my usual jeans. I saw it this week on my way home and had to have it. It has layers of bright colors and looks so much fun. I paired it with my silver wife-beater top and a  light black leather jacket. Swanky!

I used to really love short flirty skirts and for whatever reason I got rid of them in my usual purge. I also realized that I also don't have any tulip skirts, a fact that just surprises me as two years back that was a staple in my wardrobe. I could go to a date, go out dancing or just do a casual look with a tulip skirt. Today's post is about getting back to my forgotten staples.




Sunday, May 15, 2016


I stumbled across something today on Instagram that made me want to do a fashion blog post. Dpipertwins . These two ladies are so bad-ass!!!!!! I kept looking for more and more of their designs. They use African print to make such modern and cool designs. Their earlier collections were not focused on ankara designs but I think they do their best work with African print. Oh and they are twins :)

I am still in my Lemonade obsession phase so even as I work on this post it's playing in the background. Bad-ass is what that album inspired in me and I'm on the look out for all things bad-ass more so bad-ass chics  the Dwomoh-Piper twins

From their own site below:

Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper are Models, bloggers and Designers based in New York.Since the start of their fashion and accessory line," Dpipertwins " they have been blazing the fashion trail with features in WWD,Elle SA,Essence,HuffingtonPost,Black Enterprise,Today's Black Woman Style Report, Amsterdam Newspaper and The New York Daily Newspaper, as well as appearances on the Rachael Ray Show, NBC’s Today Show, Good Morning America, and placements in Vogue Japan and so much more. Their designs have also been exhibited at fashion weeks all over the world, including New York Fashion Week, Arise Magazine Fashion Week, Glitz Africa Fashion week in Ghana, Caribbean International Fashion Week, Fashion week in Los Angeles and their talent has been recognized on a wide array of media platforms in New York and beyond
Immediately I saw this image on IG I wanted both dresses. The plunging neckline, the maxi length and the prints make these dresses classic pieces that are so versatile.

I really can't believe that they have beep churning out dope collections from 2010 and it's only now that I am seeing their work. Below are some of their outfits that I loved

I love everything about this whole outfit. The attitude, the styling, the play on proportions and mix of stripes with plaid. No one is messing with this chic.

The play on colours of the stripes is so smart like. 

Grown ass woman sexy!!!!!! The fit of this dress makes it the hit that it is. Effortless transition from work to evening.

Dwomoh-Piper wins. The boots won me over .

That little side cut turns this ankara tee from ordinary to flirty

Who knew you could do this???????? Love love love