Friday, July 26, 2013

Stanford Row ...Say Hi

As I said busy couple of months, and one month later I introduce Stanford Row.They introduced themselves to me about two months ago . They are about custom fit fashion, something a couple of my clients and readers would greatly appreciate. Their physical offices are in New Zealand and so for that you all do know they will be a favourite seeing as I'm on a mission to visit and perhaps work in New Zealand. As usual , in the coming weeks I will be reviewing the designs showcased on the site but as a way to welcome them, below is a short infor-pack an official press release:

The made to measure marketplace

Our vision is to fight the things that separate people from people
 - We believe mass production is one of the things that separates us
 - It's bad for people, it's bad financially and quite frankly, it's boring!

And we're going to do that whilst seeing clothes made that actually fit you and not a near guess

Clothing sizes were invented by industrialists in the 1800's 'as a crucial, and underappreciated, step in the mass production of garments' (Wikipedia)

Well we appreciate mass production for all it's given us, the shell suit, hoodies and clothes we have to replace every 3 months. Thanks, appreciated

Stanford Row is introducing you to a world of amazing designers, dressmakers and tailors from across the globe who are making quality garments and their making them to fit you!

It's true some of the garments you'll find here are more expensive than you'll find at the mall but they're likely to last a life time longer and be 100% more unique.So when you're ready to stop following come and join us
At Stanford Row we don't accept the thinking that you should fit your clothes. We believe your clothes should fit you.Do you ever get a vague feeling that there's something inherently wrong when looking longingly at a gorgeous dress knowing that you'll have to settle for it in a size that's sort of close to your body shape as long as you've embraced the fact that bits of you are doomed to poke out here and there or get lost somewhere in the show.

Here's  a quick history lesson, trust me this won't hurt :)

The clothing size format that you and I know was invented during the 1800's by industrialists (wiki) so they could maximise mass production and make more money (note: not so as we could look better).  

This brought us such wonders as the shell suit, the hoodie, and a million pairs of jeans that don't quite fit shoved to the back of our closets.  It worked for them of course, they made a fortune out of our mistakes and so-called imperfections (oh, and on the back of their sweat shop slaves).  And up until now, we've just gone along with it.

We expect to waste money on bad quality clothes that only sort of fit and only sort of express the look we have in mind.  We expect to be a certain 'size', a certain style, and if we're not, we squeeze ourselves into the mould and then pay for the privilege.

Well it's time to forget all this.  It's time to celebrate our bumps and curves and expect the clothes to conform to them, not the them way round. It's time to return to the joy of a garment well made, perfectly fitted, and gloriously unique made just for you.

Stanford Row is a fabulously new on-line marketplace with on site fitting room bringing hundreds and hundreds of designers all presenting their uniquely gorgeous clothes, all made to measure!  These are not big businesses, selling as much as they can for as little effort as they can get away with.  These are talented, creative, hard-working people from all over the globe, producing little miracles which are worth every cent.

Visit now and definitely register. Designers on Stanford Row will be sending me specials directly so I can give them to you and post this around, invite your friends and let's get on board with the revolution!

Visit now:
Where everything is made to you

So come, meet the creators, be a creator and share our dream to bring people together again.

Cityblis.....Say Hi

This year has certainly been one of my busiest and as a consequence I have been remiss in not being timely in updating my readers and followers of some awesome partnerships that have come my way as result of this blog. One of those is Cityblis and of all the partnership, I must say they are the most persistent in the most polite and endearing manner! Sam Bell, media director of Citybliss, certainly deserves a honorable mention
 :-) Over the course of the coming weeks I will be reviewing the designers work but below is an introduction.

On the initial communication I was invited to be part of the team with access to the Media Center

The Cityblis Media Center is front row access for media professionals such as yourself in the fashion and design industry.   We curate thousands of independent designers from over 50 countries, giving you exclusives on their collections, trends, images, videos, press releases, event invitations, launch parties, media content and samples.

Below are excerpts from their site:

Welcome to Cityblis – a place to discover the latest fashion trends direct from the designers! Use Cityblis to find cool fashion, start new trends, hear exclusive stories and buy unique pieces from around the world.
Cityblis is more than just a platform. It is a community of creative talents and fashion savvy people. We are empowering designers to build their brands by working with fashion magazines, fashion networks, procurement houses, runway and trade shows all under one roof to let designers do what they do best – design great fashion.

Through great fashion find unique people, unique moments, unique stories and share them with the world

Cityblis not only allows designers to showcase their creativity but more importantly allows them to tell their story - giving you a sneak peek behind the designer, their products and their brands.

This is the place to meet new and exciting designers that are pushing the boundaries in the creative space. Find the coolest items from around the world that matches your personal style and most importantly…that no one else is wearing!

The founders Story:
We were lucky enough to spend many years living, working and exploring countless countries on five different continents – meeting the most amazing people, hearing the most interesting stories and finding the most unique fashions from the most unlikely places…always bringing back something unique and special for our friends and loved ones.
Telling our traveling stories, our friends always wished to be able to taste the food we tasted… buy the fashion we found… and collect the art and designs we brought back.
to create an amazing discovery site to bring together beautiful products, amazing designers and untold stories from every country. We wanted to enrich people’s life through our community. Our mission is simply - inspire them through sharing the talents and creations of amazing people. We wanted our designers to tell their stories and their creative processes by showcasing the designs they created to bring us joy.
What better way to tell the story than by the storytellers - the authors, the writers, the bloggers. The ones who will paint a picture so that they too may share the journey and in turn bring back something unique and special for their listeners, their readers and their followers. It is these people that bring the story to life and give us access to amazing and unique pieces that we wouldn’t otherwise discover in our everyday walks of life.
For us it’s about all these different mixes of people, of backgrounds and of creative passions that collectively allow us to create the most inspiring and unique experiences for our community.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Denim Vest Style

So as part of the Kikapu Market Project, i decided to do deconstructed denim. The denim vests were a favourite of most of the clients , but some were on the fence as they did not know how to style it. Below are a few ways one can wear denim vests.

If you this inspires you do feel free to check out the nyangi shop tab on this blog and if your size is not in stock will get one for you