Thursday, April 25, 2013

Personal Style Interview: Ms Diva

Cyndi Rotich is without a doubt a stylish diva whose confidence and strong point of view greatly inspires me. She took this interview with the perfect mixture of fun and attention that it deserved

Some say fashion is cyclical; others see it as a constant reinvention of taste. But no matter how you look at it, style is always personal.


1. Outfit for a night out

  2. For a lounging look

3. Which motto do you most relate to?
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Variety is the spice of life.

Wear your heart on your sleeve.
Fortune favors the bold.

You can never be too rich or too thin.

4. What’s your signature make up look- my well done eyebrows. I personally shave them every 3 days for that neat and stylish look coz they define my eyes and face. 

5. If you could only have one piece of jewelry, what would it be- earrings, gold earrings to be specific. Any size or design as long as they are gold earrings. I'm currently obsessed with gold loops of all sizes as I see they are slowly coming back. 

 6. What would you wear for a typical day at work? 

7. What is your favorite accessory-handbags- big, colorful handbags that I can comfortably carry all my stuff in.  I'm currently looking for a fuchsia handbag. 

8. Who do you consider your celebrity fashion icon- Khloe Kardashian? Her style is easy classic pieces that are very comfortable and sexy. 

10. Describe the underwear you’re wearing right now-black lace thong- perfect fit, comfy and soft.  In case I faint, I would not be worried. 

11. What is your age group?- late twenties
12. What is your occupation?- customer service

13. Are you a parent- no

14. Are you married- no

15. What would you never be caught dead in- Harem pants. What does it compliment on any woman? Loose on the booty and tight on the knees- why?

16. What’s the one trend or look that really irritates you- patched jeans with soooo many colors on anyone over 15 years! Like I don’t understand what the jeans are supposed to mean- like are you not able to get one decent pair, are u trying to attract attention, are you 9 years old, are you crazy?? It is just irritating. 

17. what inspires your style- I like classic, comfortable pieces that I can wear in 2- 4 years and still look pretty  smart and stylish. I opt for individual classic jackets, sweaters, tops that I know I can wear once a year and it will look amazing. 

18. Your best physical feature or one you get most compliments? - My booty. Natural all the way. 

19. Last outfit you bought- royal blue dress with yellow and white patterns with matching yellow heels. 

20. Your personal style in one word-CLASSIC

21. Worst look you ever wore- very long, loose maxi dress- I looked like a moving house.

22. A look that you always find attractive in the opposite sex- official wear. I.e- fitting suit with an equally sexy tie.  The suit should show all the muscles and shape of the man. 

23. What is weird about you- I'm extremely paranoid. I always have a ready coping mechanism whenever I feel like I'm in a weird place or with weird people. 

24. What is unique about you-
 I love comfort more than the average person and I can justify it no matter what the situation that’s why I can spend an entire day or week indoors- reading or watching TV because of the comfort.

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  1. Nyangi, I loved the interview though I wish we could see more photos of the diva or of any other interviewee in future.