Monday, November 25, 2013

African Print: Trendy, Modern and Fun

I own three outfit that I can honestly say utilize African print in the design. I got them as graduation present from my mum, the fab designer, Peggy, whom sadly I lost contact with.. Peggy was the first designer to make me consider wearing African print. My mum loves African print and has  amazing outfits , some from west Africa but I always refused all offers to have any made for me after seeing some of the designs which fit my mother rather well but never seemed to have me in mind as a young, modern woman .

Coco midi circle skirt by NAKIMULI

I have been accused of not being a 'proper' fashion blogger due to my reluctance to post my own photos. It always amuses me to say the least. People can be very narrow minded, not all fashion bloggers are person style bloggers. Nonetheless today I will post pictures of the three outfits that form my full African print capsule wardrobe. This long tale leads to why I did this post today. There are so many designers from this continent that are finally making outfits using African print that any modern person would love to have in their closet. Occasionally I will be featuring these outfits as I stumble upon them.

So below are outfits that have impressed me

Nigerian design house DESIGN FOR LOVE gets the first spot with this chic Akatasia dress coat! This was part of the Kaela Kay FW 2013 collection

Another Kaela Kay FW2013 collection piece. Floor length gown featuring sheer lace sleeves, sheer lace midriff and front thigh high slit.I love the drama that is created by the high slit! I am not too crazy about the patterns on the sheer top but absolutely love the underlay ankara bodice.I really love this design

SISI JEJE by Design By Love is a collection that just spoke to me . I love simple chic and effortless style so these are outfits I want to grab instantly.

SISI JEJE. I love how subtle the African Print is on these outfits and allows the wearer to accessorize with even more colourful african print.

I hate the shoes! Rubbish styling but again this outfit is so me! I have several tops with that same silhoutte and they hang on my slim frame rather well! I love mini skirts so best be sure this look is one I will be rocking this December! SISI JEJE.

The colourfulness of this outfit makes me sooooooooo happy. My love for shift dresses is well documented so for that alone I do love it but the mix of fabrics and colours is so amazing! I also love the model's hair :-)
In my opinion this is a perfectly appropriate work outfit! I really love it! SISI JEJE

Love the tunic top! SISI JEJE

Lee leggings. I love these.

Nakimuli Holiday Collection 2010.

Pyromaniac by MP.
Pyromaniac by Michele Pouani
This jacket and outfit is by far my favourite from the Angolan born designer. Pyromaniac

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