Monday, August 24, 2015

#BeautySegment Guest BlogPost: Baby Soft Skin

Hiuko is our first guest blogger on this #beautysegment and I must say I do agree with her that plus size peeps have the most amazing skin!

I WILL HAVE BABY SOFT SKIN!! This has become my new mantra. The last time I had baby bottom smooth skin was pre adolescence and then the hormones smacked me in the face. I got black heads and white head and scars and everything that could possibly go wrong on my skin happened in sequence. I steamed, scrubbed and even used oxy 10 (which in hindsight was probably bleach) and then one day the break outs disappeared but the scars remained.

To be honest though, I stopped taking care of my skin as I added weight because it got smooth the more weight I added the smoother it got. MY SKIN GOALS WERE ACHIEVED!! Then I lost weight and the bumps and ridges returned (someone really needs to do a study as to why plus size women have super smooth skin) so I started on a skin care routine to ensure that on days when I do not feel like make up, I still look smooth. 

First, I prayed that maybe an angel’s wing feather would fall on my face overnight and I’d wake up with the smooth skin but nothing!! I decided to research and top of my list was face towel. The double duty of face and body towel needed to end and closely behind it was that of face and body soap. I invested in face cloths (which are recycled weekly) and face soap (good old fashioned Nuru soap) that is kept in its own soap dish. Then I identified my skin type and let me tell you, the amount of oil my face produces on the daily would be enough to fry obambla so that had to be controlled first and I was introduced to liwa (sandalwood). It comes in a powder form and at first I would mix it with extra virgin coconut oil (yes add oil to oily skin) and water to form a paste and mask daily. Once a week, I would mix it with sugar and scrub then mask. Over 2 months, I realised that my shine was gone. Now I mask every other day with just the liwa and water paste. I will be introducing turmeric soap to my skin regime in conjunction with the liwa. 

I also discovered the power of MOISTURIZER!! It is the one thing that I MUST apply to my face. Make your life easy and buy a moisturizer with SPF so that you do not have to add sun screen over it. And water is truly life so sip it like you are being paid (and your skin will pay you back).

I may not have baby smooth skin for now but I am getting there by keeping it really simple, never sleeping with make-up (baby wipes are a life saver for this) and hydrating my life. Soon tutafika. Very soon I hope.


  1. So whats the formula for knowing one's skin type?

  2. Wash your face and let it just be for about an hour then observe it whether it's shiny(oily skin), or dry (dry skin), normal(it's just okay not oily or dry), it your forehead and nose are oily/shiny while your cheeks are dry(Combination skin).