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BCBGMAXAZRIA was founded in 1989 by Designer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Max Azria. In 1991, Azria’s wife and muse, Lubov, joined BCBGMAXAZRIA as Creative Director. Named for the French phrase bon chic, bon genre, a Parisian slang meaning “good style, good attitude,” the brand embodies a true combination of European sophistication and American spirit.

Azria broke new ground when he launched BCBGMAXAZRIA, redefining the designer category by offering innovative, high-quality clothing at contemporary price points. With the overwhelming success of his women’s ready-to-wear line, Azria ultimately evolved BCBGMAXAZRIA into a complete lifestyle brand for women, with evening dresses, swimwear, footwear, handbags, small leather goods, eyewear, watches and more.

This is another collection that invariably makes me yearn for the previous year's spring collection. The Spring 2014 collection  has an equal number of hits as it has misses. The 2013 spring collection made me want to grab almost every piece of outfit that was showcased and I do admit that is a very high standard to measure consequent collections

We will look at a few of the pieces in the 2014 spring collection that were hits in my opinion then look at the awesome 2013 spring collection pieces which make BCBG a favourite of so many Hollywood stars.

CURRENT: Spring 2014

This dress is the epitome of expensive simplicity. It is not fussy and a woman would be comfortable and sexy in it. This was my favourite piece in the collection. Spring 2014. BCBG

The design of this outfit is what i call intelligent. It makes me want to figure it out like a puzzle and not end up saying ;what a mess! I like the asymmetrical dropped waist and the peekaboo sheer detail on the thigh  with the flower print being on the minimum. BCBG Spring 2014

I picked this dress selfishly for two reasons: my friend and former housemate Viv would like it or so I assume :) and the other reason is how that colour looks fab on dark skin like mine. BCBG Spring 2014
This was my second favourite piece in the whole collection. It reminds me of DVF designs.  I keep staring at it and wanting to touch it and of course wear it. This is another uncomplicated outfit which will make a woman look and feel sexy. BCBG Spring 2014

I find this outfit interesting. I am sure some will hate it but i like contrast and this is an equivalent to a an art piece at the dinner table which is a conversation starter. Some will only like the blazer while others the dress/skirt? BCBG Spring 2014
SPRING 2013:

This dress remind me of Donna in 'suits'! I really want this dress. Perhaps because in a few weeks i turn 29 but I'm now drawn to such dresses. Grown up sexy. BCBG Spring 2013

This was another piece that stole my heart. It would be perfect for my slender body! I love the colour, the mix of different textures and the cut! More that that the model has been styled so well. I love this look. BCBG Spring 2013
This is a jumpsuit I would definitely wear! It is classy, elegant and so cool. It is doing good things to her body unlike most jumpsuits. The top has some body armour feel to it yet she still looks feminine. BCBG OUTDID themselves Spring 2013
I think offices should allow women to wear such outfits to work and more people would be less miserable at work. I love it. The harness brings  just a hint of naughtiness but it is not crossing the line. The white shoes work really well with the print of the dress. BCBG  Spring 2013
No one is messing with you when you wear this outfit! I love it!
This dress is exquisite! The cut, the colour, how it flows! BCBG Spring 2013

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