Monday, September 9, 2013


New York Fashion week is back and I purposed that I would get some reviews out of the way. I really like some designers like South African David Tlale but nothing in his spring collection stood out for me so sadly no reviews from me :-(

Nicholas K's  Spring 2014 collection caught my eye mostly due to the attitude of the clothes.  That may sound weird to some but clothes to convey a certain attitude and I totally liked a few of the pieces. I wouldn't wear them with the whole feathers angle but I get the red Indian/Bedouin mix they were going for on the runway. Their 2013 spring collection in my opinion was far much better, the luxurious fabrics used and the bright colours just made that collection so eye catching. I will include a few of those outfits here as we look at the current collection

2013 Spring collection
2013 Spring collection
2013 Spring collection

CURRENT: 2014 Spring Collection

I love how this outfit hangs on her body. I love how the colour is muted yet strong. The shoes just makes it all cool while the metal bracelet adds the glam factor. Spring 2014 collection

I'm a huge fan of prints like this one. It's what my friend Stella would call 'quietly majestic' hahaha I like the balance of the bulky top while the bottom allows her to show her legs with cool open toed booties

My kind of dress! Effortless yet oh still so pretty. This dress can be dressed up or down. Not a huge fan of the footwear or hairband but I would definitely go for this dress.
This whole ensemble screams ATTITUDE! The design, the colour, the styling, even the model! I totally heart it! One of my favourite from this collection
This dour faced model almost...ALMOST manages to kill this outfit but its too cool for that! I do think this is a really funky outfit!

Nicholas K is a New York based design company, founded in January of 2003 by siblings Nicholas and Christopher Kunz. Nicholas K was conceptualized with the intent of providing sophisticated customers with modern classics to become wardrobe staples.

For more information on the designers check them out here

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