Thursday, April 11, 2013

The story of a friendship … as told through clothes and accessories

So today I am really honored have one of my closest and best friends as a guest blogger.  She has a very amazing blog titled ' First Hand Account of a former homebody'  and you definitely need to be reading and commenting regularly. Gnovember has this as her bio:

I have started this blog to keep in touch with my friends and for them to keep in touch with me and know whats happening with me. Never have I been away from home for periods greater than a week and now it seems I will be gone for almost a year plus. From zero to hero has nothing on me I tell you! So who am I?

Loyal|Passionate|Avid reader|Beloved daughter, sister, aunt,friend and something to someone|Loner, crowd avoider|Smart mouth, naughty, loves to laugh|NOT serious|Growing up and well doing it still|CHILD OF GOD.
I remember when my friend first informed me that she would be leaving her full time job for a stint as a fashion stylist and hopefully to go and study fashion overseas. I think shocked is too mild a term because I remember thinking, “how random? I never heard you talk about fashion, you are stylish but … I am apparently very emotive in my speech, will I now become a full-time actress? Nah! Will pass
But then as I thought about it further, it did hit me that she would do very well in this particular field and that for the longest time, she has been giving us her friends (me definitely included) very sound fashion advice. We have frequently gone shopping and all the things she has recommended, I have bought. All the gifts she has given me, I have loved and so many I still have in my wardrobe.
These jeans below – I remember I was a bit conscious of the print detail in the back pocket. I feared that it would make things look bigger or draw unnecessary attention to my bum and she encouraged me to get over myself and just get them. To date, I am still grateful that I did so.

My earrings – can’t even say enough how much I love them all, wouldn’t you?

I vividly remember the day she gave me this dress – this was a gift y’all. I loved the neckline, but a part of me also thought it was so loud and so fashionably out there that I would not feel comfortable wearing it. The shot doesn’t capture it, but it was also quite clingy and if you over-indulge at lunch, then it will certainly show! Silly me! If I may say so, it does clean me up something good.

Vest that literally saved my life – that I stole and never gave back. (Bet you have forgotten that I still have this!)

What I know?
My friend can do anything and even in this new phase, she will bring her legal and accounting training as well as her business acumen to make it all work. She is loud, very expressive and the most self-assured person that I know. While I would be worrying about what people think or say or whether something is acceptable, she listens to her inner voice and won’t let herself get swayed. And if I was going to let someone edit my wardrobe, shop for me or give me style advice, I want someone who has a keen eye and who will tell me about what is good for me and what is not and advise me to stay true to myself, just as she is true to herself.
So from one of her earlier clients (thank goodness the service was free back in the day) watch out for this lady.

This guest post brings me such amazing memories of friendship, simpler times and the knowledge that whatever latent gifting one may have are ever present if unnoticed. Who you are is always manifesting itself in so many ways if only you take a minute to see it.  I completely forgot about the vest. lol but i am happy it found a happy home.   At the end of it all I bless God for the precious people He places in my life.

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