Monday, July 9, 2012

What I wore...

Unlike most stylists I rarely post my own photos...more so full ones but as I was cleaning my camera I came across these two photos which my small brother took over Christmas holidays while I was with my family. I love the plum look because I did not give it much thought. I was feeling lazy and did not see why we had to go eat out on boxing day. Plum is like one of my favourite colours and trust me it's fully represented in this look. So do tell me what you think

The other look is of a dress I initially was ambivalent about but came to love.


  1. Love the dress .... and that handbag too! At the Coast I would have stolen it from you! The look so works for even a prude like me :)

  2. Thanks. That bag cannot be taken from me hahahahha love too much. Its so me.