Thursday, January 9, 2014

Celebrity Style Watch : NENE LEAKES

Nene Leakes definitely has an unforgettable personality and probably why she is a favourite of millions. Nene Leakes has risen up the ladders from those uber ratchet days of season one Real Housewives of Atlanta.  As the money has continued to roll in so has her fashion style improved thanks to the help of Fashion Stylist Shun Melson assisted with Ryan Christopher.

I just finished watching I dream of Nene the wedding and I must say it really inspired this post. There were several pieces  that Nene wore that really impressed me, more so the street casual looks. I am so jealous of her new hair! I am still trying to see how I can rock some silver blond hair.

Nene Leakes has definitely come of age fashion wise and below are a few looks that caught my eye:

Simple and elegant!

The tailored white blazer, black mixed leather skinny pants and heels are on Point!!!!!!!

That off shoulder sweatshirt is so on my shopping list!

Cynthia Bailey whom I LOVE! steals Nene's thunder in her Gold outfit.

This look is so rad! I must pull it off soon


  1. Oh my heart!!! I am practically bouncing off my seat while reading this!! I heart me some Nene Leakes!!