Monday, January 20, 2014

Casing Karura Forest Park

With this new year, perhaps this blog will see more glimpses of my life even as I do my usual style posts. My friends and I love doing different social activities and they refer to me as their social secretary :-) In any case I've been meaning to visit the nearby Karura forest but for one reason or another always found an excuse not to go. Last week I managed to persuade my friends that we could do a picnic while we case out the place and what an amazing thing that turned to be! The place is really beautiful and has several activities that one can participate in whether as an individual, couple, family with kids or a larger group.

Below are a few images of the place and my friends who I must say all have different styles. It was a Sunday afternoon so we all met after our various Sunday activities.

This was my outfit of choice and I must say it served me well! The moccasins are my new favourite pair of shoes!

As I said my friends all have different styles and it all works. I really loved the shoes with bling and print that they each chose.

I love this shot! The sun's rays , the trees and our silhouettes.
My friend laughing her head off with the waterfalls in the background :-)
I discovered this bench at the foot of the waterfall. It's perfect  for reading or just sitting in silence.
My friend calls herself a tree hugger! So while we were busy taking selfies she was busy appreciating nature. I  also love this shot
This one of my favourite looks for the day! She rocked the dress and converse so well! The waterfall background doesn't hurt either
Loved the pose! The playfulness and joy.

This is my favourite image as it evokes such a sense of wellbeing!

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