Friday, July 26, 2013

Cityblis.....Say Hi

This year has certainly been one of my busiest and as a consequence I have been remiss in not being timely in updating my readers and followers of some awesome partnerships that have come my way as result of this blog. One of those is Cityblis and of all the partnership, I must say they are the most persistent in the most polite and endearing manner! Sam Bell, media director of Citybliss, certainly deserves a honorable mention
 :-) Over the course of the coming weeks I will be reviewing the designers work but below is an introduction.

On the initial communication I was invited to be part of the team with access to the Media Center

The Cityblis Media Center is front row access for media professionals such as yourself in the fashion and design industry.   We curate thousands of independent designers from over 50 countries, giving you exclusives on their collections, trends, images, videos, press releases, event invitations, launch parties, media content and samples.

Below are excerpts from their site:

Welcome to Cityblis – a place to discover the latest fashion trends direct from the designers! Use Cityblis to find cool fashion, start new trends, hear exclusive stories and buy unique pieces from around the world.
Cityblis is more than just a platform. It is a community of creative talents and fashion savvy people. We are empowering designers to build their brands by working with fashion magazines, fashion networks, procurement houses, runway and trade shows all under one roof to let designers do what they do best – design great fashion.

Through great fashion find unique people, unique moments, unique stories and share them with the world

Cityblis not only allows designers to showcase their creativity but more importantly allows them to tell their story - giving you a sneak peek behind the designer, their products and their brands.

This is the place to meet new and exciting designers that are pushing the boundaries in the creative space. Find the coolest items from around the world that matches your personal style and most importantly…that no one else is wearing!

The founders Story:
We were lucky enough to spend many years living, working and exploring countless countries on five different continents – meeting the most amazing people, hearing the most interesting stories and finding the most unique fashions from the most unlikely places…always bringing back something unique and special for our friends and loved ones.
Telling our traveling stories, our friends always wished to be able to taste the food we tasted… buy the fashion we found… and collect the art and designs we brought back.
to create an amazing discovery site to bring together beautiful products, amazing designers and untold stories from every country. We wanted to enrich people’s life through our community. Our mission is simply - inspire them through sharing the talents and creations of amazing people. We wanted our designers to tell their stories and their creative processes by showcasing the designs they created to bring us joy.
What better way to tell the story than by the storytellers - the authors, the writers, the bloggers. The ones who will paint a picture so that they too may share the journey and in turn bring back something unique and special for their listeners, their readers and their followers. It is these people that bring the story to life and give us access to amazing and unique pieces that we wouldn’t otherwise discover in our everyday walks of life.
For us it’s about all these different mixes of people, of backgrounds and of creative passions that collectively allow us to create the most inspiring and unique experiences for our community.

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