Saturday, June 22, 2013

cold style....this is for the JW support group

It's that time of the year again in Kenya. Its so cold, drizzly and so grey.

While a friend from Alaska was walking around with tees, we are swaddled in heavy jackets and woolen attire! Those sub zero temperatures would surely finish me. I'm a child of the sun as are many Kenyans. It's been getting to single digit temperatures and my four duvets are a testament to how cold that is. I'm an addict of whats-app and I'm in several different chat groups.

The post today is dedicated to one which as the title suggests has stories to tell concerning the three wise men: Jack Daniels, Johnny walker and Jim Beams :-) These ladies have very clear personal styles so it was surprising to learn that some feel they do not know how to deal with this cold weather when it comes to dressing up.  So I've decided to share some ways of dressing up in this cold weather in a way one still looks attractive and keeps warm.


  1. Good bye to freeze and shine

  2. sweet... there s something for the muslim lady