Sunday, January 13, 2013

African Print Designs....the absolute wonder of it all!

Finally the world of fashion is paying attention to the richness of the African print. As a young African woman I've had a love hate relationship with African print outfits . This was due to the very old designs that I would often see women wearing and being the very hip person I thought I was, I could not imagine a time when I'd have to adorn any of those designs even to appease a demanding mother in law. It's been to my delight to see African print being worn in such young, fresh and interesting ways. As a stylist and personal shopper I get my share of queries for good designers, tailors and designs more so as regards African print designs. Part of my plans for this year includes ways in which i can fulfill these needs while also earning my keep. :-)

Below are just but part of designs that have captured my eye...while most are not necessarily my personal style I do believe they offer a refreshing treat for the eye and offer such a wide variety for my clients to choose.

 For those interested in outfits with similar designs to visit my face book page at Nyangi Styles where I've created an album with more prints. I am sure we can have some interesting conversation and some business ending up with you having awesome outfits

Credit does go to Vlisco, African Print Fashion and  Shadders for Images.

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