Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Obviously I will not be doing an analysis of all the designers or looks at New York Fashion Week. I will choose a few at my own discretion and perhaps drop a few styling tips while giving my obviously biased opinion

Let's start with one of my favourite designers; Diana Von Furstenberg. DVF always brings to mind prints! Large unapologetic prints and more than that designs wholly centered on a woman being a woman. In her Fall line she definitely delivers with bold and bright monochromatic separates;colour blocking. A trend many can attest I absolutely adore and fully incorporate in my looks.An example is the sea blue poodle top with the red calf-length pencil skirt all tied together with the black belt. There is no hint of any form of print but the look is flawless. Colour blocking is still a major trend that has crossed over from 2011. Style advise when colour blocking do not add any form of prints, floral or patterns to the look as this is a sure way of looking like a clown. Another tip would be to choose colours with the same intensity to avoid an unbalanced look. DVF's Fall Line also showcases color popping using accessories. I love the fact that the dresses are bright colours such as aqua and red yet the accessories still pop as they are equally noticeable due to the contrasting colours chosen. The aqua dress is what one would say is of a much cooler hue while the pink clutch would be of a warmer hue yet it all works together. In this instance the colour densities work well together as the clutch is of more density than the aqua dress. The same can be seen with the red dress accessorized with the bolt blue clutch.Surprisingly She also had a lot of black in her collection. Black never really dies so they so. As usual there were her much beloved and signature print looks. I Love this designer nad the only trend I personally give a thumbs down is the ankle pants or cropped pants. Few women are able to really pull this look and more so the curvy ones. Trust me after seeing one of our very own renowned stylist at blankets and wine last December in one; stay away unless you want something that makes your ass look like two huge melons.


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  3. I like the dresses !